What is Addiction?

Face of woman with cracked skin

Addiction is a physiological and a psychological dependence, a compulsive need for, a persistent use of a habit-forming substance.  Addiction can range from exercise abuse to chronic fingernail biting.  However in this case, we are talking about mind altering substances.  Substances that have extreme adverse effects on the mind, body and soul.

We chose to begin our path by using and experimenting.  It usually starts out as a social connection, an acceptance of small doses with peers, a time to ‘relax’ and get away from a days or weeks amount of stress.  After a while, a habit forms.  A passion, a constant desire and before it’s known, Addiction sets in and behavioral changes take place.  Attitude, selfishness, and pride become common attributes as well as denial of having a problem.  Commitments fail, late for work, compulsive lying, stealing, manipulating all become a normal part of the day.  Blame on other people is frequent.  Constant self loathing and conflicts arise and the need to get that fix is more prevalent than ever.  Through time Addiction becomes a ‘disease’.  It can not be controlled, it takes over.  As if the devil has you by his claws.

Then there comes a time where an addict will have a time of solitude, lack of money, shame, guilt, acknowledgement, imprisonment or eviction from their family where they start to experience Withdrawals.  Mental and physical Withdrawals can feel like an addict is going insane or even dying.  An addict will do anything to get that feeling back.  They will hurt everyone that loves them.  By this time, they are on ‘auto pilot’; all they know how to do and what to do is get high.  Morals, structure, and discipline are something of the past.
All hope as they know it and you know it are gone.

The bible talks about God ‘giving us away’ for a time when we constantly ignore and disobey His teaching.  In the old testament and new, it tells us the consequences of wanting to live life OUR way.  Yes, God lets us go down into our self-made pit of despair.  However, he ALWAYS makes us a way out and will NEVER put us through anything beyond our capability!  We need to call upon Him daily!  Turn your life over to Him, read the Word of God and learn why things like Addiction happen and effect us and how we can grow from experiences like such!

Yes, Addiction is labeled as a disease in the physiological and psychological field.  Is there a cure?  Absolutely!  Ask Christ to come into your life.  And start living the life God intended for you to live; following Him, DAILY.

Just like everything around you has a purpose, so don’t you!

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