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Boston-based poet Matt Ganem, turning his experiences into poetry detailing his struggles with addiction, he looks to be a voice for the voiceless, giving hope to anybody caught in the grip of addiction, active users, people that are clean and the families that are affected.

Here’s a taste…

Heroin addict
IV user
With no future
The whole world will be better off if you died sooner

How am I going through this cycle again
Some cuts never mend
Even if I beg to make amends
Its like they’d rather see me end up dead
Then make my way to a detox bed
My demons are at war inside of my head
Only subsiding when they get needle fed with poisonous meds

My bones ache
Dealing with hot and cold sweats
So when I’m curled up and dope sick
Understand there’s nothing I won’t do for my next fix
This is my normal and I’m just trying to deal with it

Nothing else really matters
Been feeling low trying to get higher than climbing a push up a ladder
When the blood mixes I feel the rush immediately after
And forget about the self destruction that my life’s a disaster
Hoping this time isn’t the last words to my final chapter

The pain shame and the guilt
Getting high enough to see my friends up in heaven
Pale skin complexion
Overdoses should be a lesson
That I’m headed in the wrong direction
This is suicide by injection

No family
No friends
No love
Just hate
When they look at my empty seat with disgrace
Prepared for my wake
Scared of my fate
Wish I could start over with a clean slate
I look in the mirror and can’t recognize my face

A stranger looking back
Arms covered with scars like train tracks
Permanent reminders from shooting smack
I close my eyes and hope this shot is my last
Let my name fade into the past

I’m broken
With a shattered soul
I’d rather fold
Than continue on this addict road

I refuse to back to that madness again
Even if I can’t make amends
To my family and friends
The only thing that matters to me is being clean in the end.

Matt’s making a difference. You can too.


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