Power of Prayer


Prayer is extremely important. Let God know how you’re feeling, what’s on your mind. Pray for those struggling with addiction. Pray for yourself, pray specifically; God hears every word you speak and it pleases Him when you call upon Him! Take time out everyday and dedicate a few minutes to Him, make a prayer list, pray alone or with others, get prayed on… Keep Praying!

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  1. sonia says:

    Please pray for me .i feel im at the edge.. my mind keeps going and going. None stop. I wanted prayer cause thy gave me meds but scared of the side affects.

    • Become Free! says:

      Hi Sonia! Glad you left a message here! I’ll leave it here so other people can pray for you as well. I will keep you in my prayers as well as have others pray for you! And please continue praying, reaching out and surrounding yourself with encouraging and helpful people.
      I encourage you to read my blogs. Each one has a message in one form or another and explains my past.
      Myself and many others have been where you are and you are not alone! You can get through this, it can be done! It is in you to be more than a conqueror!
      If you want to email me using the email and other resources in ‘Contact’, I will be more than happy to keep in touch with you and help you persevere through this storm! 🙂

    • Armando says:

      Hi Sonia God love u God is there next 2 you sometimes u feel alone or god left you but god is Loyalte 2 us to you hi want the best for his Daugther Sonia keep faith on gods never lose u faith and hope he know u problem he know wat u need is just matter of time god gonna chance u life forever my lord please look at Daugther Sonia she need u help please please forget her past time lord please have mercy for her please change her life u r great and loyalty my lord please make a miracle on her life Amen God Bless u Sonia

  2. lerraci says:

    Tell your troubles how big your God is! & fear will run from you! God gave you a Spirit of love.. & took from you a spirit of fear! 🙂 in my prayers..

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