What, you went to rehab. You went to a detox. You got all better on your own. You got ‘cured’ from that disease that had been destroying you for years. You fixed what was broken. You broke the shackles, the chains and everything’s all better, right!?

Life is just this smooth canoe ride over still waters during the sunset, with birds flying by and a perfect breeze blowing through your hair.

I know many people that have fixed an area in their lives, specifically an addiction, and they just can’t seem to stay out of trouble or they can’t seem to better their lives, like they are stuck in the same spot and can’t get out. They just put a blanket over one problem, expecting it to go away, and keep living the same way day in and day out. Talking change but not living it. Taking no action to further their lives. Saying things that sound good and make them look good but we know it’s all a facade. And once that blanket is removed and placed on another problem, that previous problem becomes number one again.

If you can’t tell by now, if common sense hasn’t kicked in some where down the line, or maybe you just haven’t realized it yet. You have a lot more than one problem. And taking care of only one of your problems will not make your life any better. As a matter of fact, taking care of all your problems won’t solve that universal peace that you are looking for because you are as stubborn as they come.

Here’s a blanket, medication. You know, those pills you take to get rid of the ‘pain’. How are you going to learn and grow when you resort to a pill every time something bad happens in your life? You MUST be at peace having those prescriptions in your drawer. Everything’s solved right? No worries. The definitions of perseverance and faith are no longer needed. Everything’s fine. As long as that little orange or green bottle is full.

You ever walk around telling people you are the President of the United States? Why not? It’s pretty obvious no one will believe you right? It’s also obvious that your life is where it is today because it’s what you made it. Living off of excuses and ignorance. Trying to find hope through a facebook post and sharing it like it’s going to make everything better. Trust me, everyone sees it.

Then you realize that nothing is getting better. No one wants to hang with you and be your friend. You are just coasting along. Hoping for anything better than what happened yesterday. Truth is, people have already tried. Friends have already tried. So much time has lapsed by that no one thinks you are going to change, ever. So they stopped communicating with you.

And why is this? Because how can someone who wants to succeed and better themselves commune with someone who does not? You are a weight. Dragging down people who live productively.

Change takes a complete 180 degree turn. A complete turn from your ways. You got issues, you got trauma, you got mommy and daddy issues, no kidding. Join the club. Everyone does. You’re not the only one.

The problem isn’t the drugs, it isn’t your living situation, it isn’t your past, it isn’t anyone but you. The day you start dealing with your ‘self’, is the day your life will start to get better. Change starts with you. Keep feeding into the lies and your own self pity and your universe will continue to be nothing but a shadow. Misery loves company. Yes, the ones who feed off your ridiculousness and spawn new cravings on how to worsen their lives.

If you don’t want to change then stop complaining. Call your local transitional assistance, become disabled because you can’t handle life, suck on the government’s nipple, and get that check every week. It’s now the new American Dream. Don’t worry, the successful ones will pay your way. It’s the life you have chosen… funny, guess you have made a choice. Just don’t expect anyone to go on that run with you. And don’t tell me your problems. I know so many people with problems just like yours that are living as conquerors. Don’t tell me you have this special disease that no one else has and it’s the reason why you are the way you are; that disease is you. You are so wound up in it that it’s all you know. You let go. Now it’s time for me to let go.

The ones who live victoriously can only deal with people like you for so long. Good luck.

I’ll be praying for you,

I wonder how long that will last…

  1. Brenda says:

    WOW this is brutal honesty, but I do not see where there are any ideas to help those in recovery!! Everything we do in our lives is a choice we have made. Addiction brings out the master manipulator, the one that can’t or won’t tell any truths, denial and burning bridges are part of the world of an Addict.. Addiction creates a completely different personality. The one thing that I am reading in this post is total negativity no hope for returning to society and be accepted. This is not true at all. What about seeking help through a Psychologist they do not prescribes meds, what about working with a sober companion to help you learn to live in a new life style. There are options for that may feel lost post rehab. Most importantly there is Hope and with the right kind of help an addict can have life full of health, hope and happiness and be physically, mentally and emotional stable. I recommend checking out the site recoverforgood.com it may help you and other readers of your blog to see that there is a way to return to society with a new positive outlook on life.
    I also want to say that what you have written and all of it’s negativity is of no help to anyone suffering addiction or newly recovered from addiction.

    • Become Free! says:

      Thank you. Read the title! What about enabling?! Read the other blogs, of course there is hope! I was let go once and it was the best thing that was done to me. No one is going to carry you. You will not learn that way! I was once stubborn and didn’t listen to anyone or anything, this is a blog about everything, sometimes we need to hear this! I appreciate your thoughts 😀

  2. Eileen Steen says:

    Yes it is your blog and you can share what you want, but you left a spot for people to reply so I am replying what I want. You need get off your high horse, take out your ear plugs, and pull off your blinders. The world doesn’t revolve around you. I hope I NEVER come to the place when I all I care about is myself. Keep patting yourself on the back because soon enough you will be the only one left around you to do so. While you’re praying – pray for yourself as well — to see people as Jesus does.

    • Become Free! says:

      Take from it what you got from it. Did you read the title? Do you understand enabling? I have been there and I am sharing my experience. Have you ever been to rehab and had rules and instant results of your actions? Thank you for your thoughts.

      • Become Free! says:

        Just lost another friend to drug addiction a few hours ago. Another overdose. Here is the reality of addiction, death. Most addicts do not want to hear how and why. They need to hear truth and the consequences as black and white as they come. I will do what ever it takes to drill the fear of God into anyone who is inches away from their life, yes, it’s that serious. God bless you Matt, you will be missed. Wish we got a chance to talk before you left brother.

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