Another Loss

Posted: March 29, 2014 in Addiction, Drugs Epidemic, Loss

Our minds chatter,  our brain cells clash and our body follows.

Myself and many others lost a friend to substance abuse recently.  It’s difficult.   The first question that pops in my heart is WHY?  Emotions clog reality and I come up with an obscure conclusion.   But this has become a regular event.   Losing people to drugs and alcohol like it’s a sport.  My reactions are getting shorter and less infected. 

But I notice that I am on edge for a few days after getting news like this.  Deep down I really do care and I really am disappointed.  I’m at a loss for words,  constantly questioning the reasoning behind why we do this to ourselves.  I mean,  I was there and I know exactly what it’s like getting recked and destroying my life.  Not caring about ANYTHING but myself.  Pushing the limits of my sanity and brutally killing myself day by day.

I haven’t forgotten.  I will never forget.  I am reminded daily of my destructive past.  What it’s like to lose all hope and all my faith.  And I mean all of it.  I was so lost when I was using that I didn’t know what was going on.  Like a plane in the clouds, having pills as my control tower.

So I’m on edge a bit, reminded of the true reality of addiction and what its soul purpose is.  Did I lose touch with or stray away from my past and my reason for staying clean?  Was my recovery on a little sabbatical?  Did I need to hear of another loss to ‘wake me up’?  No.  But it’s like jumping into a pool and realizing the water is freezing cold.  You tense up and become very alert.

Sadly, it’s not the person who has died who has to live with the pain.  It’s everyone around them that loved and cared for them.  The one’s that tried to help.  The one’s that turned their back on them when they couldn’t deal with the stealing and lying and the irresponsibility any more. 

Some people may have saw it coming.  Some of us aren’t that surprised because we knew the path they were on.  We tried, counselors tried,  the program tried,  even they tried but just couldn’t get it.  So that’s it.  Another one gone.  What are we going to do.  What CAN we do.  Live and let live right?  To each his own.  Ain’t none of my business.  I have priorities and one of them isn’t wasting time with a bottom feeding addict.

Those excuses get us nowhere.  We need to care.  We need to be good examples for our children, our friends and our family.  We can’t give up on people.   You know, encouragement goes a looooong way.  Tell them that they do not have to live like this and that they CAN do better and that it is in them to do better.  Offer help without enabling or feeding their addiction.  Tell them that they were created for a purpose and if they ask you what their purpose is,  tell them that their purpose will be revealed once they come clean and begin surrendering their addiction. 

And don’t talk like you’re hanging with one of the guys.   Get down to the point.  Hit a nerve.  Piss them off if you have to.  Be truthful.  Be honest.  Give them something to think about next time they decide to use.  But be sincere,  speak from your heart.  If you don’t love them,  tell them that God loves them and tell them that they are not alone,  that there is hope. 

Let them know that people do make it through addiction.  That addicts do come clean, that we do admit we are wrong and that we do indeed need a Savior to free us from our bondage and our strife!  We need to surrender DAILY, put ourselves second and start walking with our heads up knowing God is with us,  and when He is with us,  who can stand against us?

Love is action, faith is action, helping is action; take action TODAY.

“O LORD my God, I called to You for help and You healed me.” Psalm 30:2
He is amazing, take a walk with Him and see. 😉

Become Free… Become the Difference

  1. Reblogged this on Focused and Free and commented:
    The end is always the same; jails, institutions, or death. Usually in that order.

  2. pinneyl says:

    Well Said. Thank you for your thoughts.

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