Mom Throws Baby In Trash

Posted: September 30, 2013 in Abortion
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This is a little off subject as far as drug addiction and substance abuse. I guess this one will be about Becoming Free from Ignorance.

So you may have heard of that woman in Louisville Kentucky giving birth and then throwing her baby in the trash?

It’s disgusting and absolutely wrong. That child didn’t get a chance at life, let alone a spoonful of baby food. This was all done in a Kohl’s bathroom too, of all places. Usually we hear of babies winding up in dumpsters. It’s not that often, but these things happen. And when we hear about it, our blood boils. How could she? Why? She should be killed for something like this!

And the press is having a field day on it.

Well, guess what… it’s going on every day. I think the statistics are every 15 seconds a baby is executed? Well over 1 million babies are killed each year. By who? Our government. Government funded abortion clinics such as Planned Parenthood, whose name makes no sense at all, performs 330,000 of the 1.2 Million, that’s 27% of all American abortions. (

Our country allows abortions to happen. This whole prochoice thing, where a woman has the right to choose whether or not her baby lives or dies, is just out of control. We have websites, federally funded of course, like the National Abortion Federation NAF, making abortion sound safe and comforting. Yeah? The underlining conclusion is a dead baby! They can make it sound smooth and painless all they want, it’s not smooth and painless for the baby.

Now check this out, when scientists find a clump of bacteria, which in turn has no brain, heartbeat or inner organs, on Mars they call it “Life on Mars”. Yet a clump of cells found inside of a woman which will indeed grow a brain, have a heartbeat and inner organs is considered “Not Life”? Are you serious?

And they continue sucking out first trimester babies with a vacuum. Second and third trimester abortions are so gruesome, I refuse to discuss it in detail. Lets just say the baby is removed in one way or another with clamps, pliers and other devices. Here you can see First through Third trimester abortion methods, but even the American Pregnancy Association won’t give you the fine details in which they extract the baby. (

So should we be surprised at this woman from Kentucky doing this to her baby? Why are we so surprised? It’s going on every day! Go ahead, type ‘abortion’ in your search bar and do a search of images. It’s disgusting. Lifeless babies and baby parts in trash cans. Do your own research. Find the truth behind this epidemic.

Another truth. There are millions of Americans looking to adopt a child, a new born, a baby. Why isn’t something being done? Something must be done. We are not animals where if we are not wanted we deserve euthanasia, we deserve to be ‘thrown away’, pulled out, piece by piece and placed in a stainless steel canister.

Choose Prolife, your mother did.

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